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Chongqing Shredded Chicken Cold Noodles (Serves 1)

Chongqing Shredded Chicken Cold Noodles (Serves 1)


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Authentic Chinese taste

              Introduction to Chongqing Shredded Chicken Cold Noodles           

●Materials: 120 grams of noodles, 50 grams of cooked oil, 70 grams of shredded chicken, 1 pack of mixed seasonings, small box of peanuts, small box of mustard, bean sprouts (optional)

●Preservation method: Frozen

Storage time: half a year

●Cooking method: 1: Boil the water, cook the noodles in a pot until they are 9 mature (noodles without white heart can be) 

     2: Remove the noodles, drizzle with cooked oil, mix well and let cool

     3: Vegetables are cooked and ready to use

     4: Add vegetables, peanuts, mustard and other ingredients to the noodles, and finally pour the seasoning, mix well and serve

Note: Do not add noodle soup.