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Refund policy

Refund policy

1.Refund: For customers who receive the goods, if they find defects, damages, inconsistent with the content of the order and do not accept the conditions of the inconsistent goods, they need to apply for a refund, please after the arrival of the goods7Within days, call/Letter to customer service application, we will contact you as soon as possible. For customers who have already received the goods, refunds can only be made for defective, damaged, and inconsistent products with the content of the order. Customers who have not shipped the goods can contact customer service for an unconditional refund during the order cancellation period. Customer Service WeChat:laweiju001


2.Order cancellation period: from the time you place an order and pay until delivery, it is the order cancellation period. Please note that the delivery time of Laweiju products is Monday to Wednesday the next week after the order is placed. The specific delivery time will change due to the total number of orders in the current week and supplier changes. Therefore, if you need to cancel the order, it is best to place the order Apply to the customer service before Monday of the next week. If the application is sent after Monday of the next week, it may happen that the goods have been sent and the refund order cannot be cancelled. If it is a personal special order product, and production and production have already started, the order cannot be cancelled.


3.Due to safety, hygiene and shelf life issues, food products do not accept any return processing in principle.


4.The following circumstances may affect your refund authority:

★ The same sample product is attached with the product.

★ Without affecting your inspection of the product, you will damage the product packaging, remove the seal, remove the tag, remove the glue, or remove the label.

★ No new state (the appearance is scratched or damagedWait).

★ There is no complete packaging (commodities, accessories, outer boxes, protective bags, accessories cartons, accompanying documents, gifts, etc.).

★ Other reasons that are necessary or attributable to you for exceeding the inspection, resulting in damage, loss or alteration of the goods.


5.After the customer service staff confirms that they meet the conditions for return and exchange, they will7The refund process will begin within three working days.


6.After your refund operation, please take a screenshot of the refund confirmation screenshot of the customer service, and keep it until the refund is completed for future inquiries.





Refund procedure


All refunds will be refunded after the completion of the return operation, approximately7-14The money will be refunded to your account of the payment method within three working days. The refund time varies with each payment method.



If you have any other questions above, please contact Meimei again, WeChat:laweiju001