Laweiju, the taste of hometown (~The delivery area and cost can be checked at the bottom link, the order is placed before Wednesday of the week, the delivery will be the same week, and the delivery will be the next week after Wednesday 14:00~)


Q: Can the bacon in La Meiju be eaten right out of the bag?

A: The preserved meat in the Laweiju is air-dried and needs to be cooked before eating.


Q: What should I do if the packaging leaks?

A: The packaging of Luweiju is vacuum-packed.The packaging of the product has been carefully inspected before delivery. During the transportation process, after bumps or due to manual operation, the packaging is not vacuumed or sealed, which affects the appearance, and does not affect the quality of the pickled food. You can eat it with confidence. When customers receive sausage bacon, they can directly remove the package, put it in a crisper at room temperature below 18 degrees or put it in the refrigerator (customers need to pay attention to the humidity of the refrigerator) or freeze it.


Q: Why are there water soda drops in the packaging?

A: Because the products of Luweiju are stored in the cold room, the temperature of the freezer is low, but the temperature difference at room temperature will cause the water vapor in the package to condense, and water droplets and water vapor will appear. This is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the quality of the product, please use it with confidence


Q: About storage

A:    It can be stored for 120 days (provided that there is no air leakage in the vacuum packaging, it can be stored in the refrigerator layer, and it must be stored in the freezer layer for more than half a year. After each use, it must be sealed and put back in the refrigerator. clamp.
        If you plan to eat it within 2 or 3 weeks, and the indoor temperature is lower than 20 degrees Celsius and the humidity is lower than 60%, you don't need to put it in the refrigerator, just put it in a place that is ventilated and not directly exposed to the sun.



Q: The product weight does not match the purchase page

A: There is currently no guarantee that 100% of the products of the same kind have the same weight, and there may be a fluctuation of about 20g between the products of the same kind.