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Liao Pork Ribs·Bong Bang Chicken 300g

Liao Pork Ribs·Bong Bang Chicken 300g


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Liao Pork Ribs, Bang Bang Chicken, Delicious Essence-Broth

Liao Pork Ribs, Bang Bang Chicken Soul--Red Oil


        Introduction of Liao Pork Pork Chicken (580g)   

●Materials: one package of cooked chicken, one package with minced chili, chicken broth, one package with minced chili oil, one small bag of peanuts

●Preservation method: cryopreservation

Storage time: half a year

●How to eat:

    1:Thaw the chicken and place it in a bowl
    2:Pour the seasoned chicken broth into a bowl, mix well and let stand for 5 minutes
    3:Put the chili oil, peanuts, coriander, green onions in, mix well

1. Mix well and eat as soon as possible, not for long
2. Considering that some people can't eat too spicy food, we have reduced the spicy spicy food. If you can eat spicy food, please add it yourself.
3. Because you can't buy the same domestic chili powder like Liao Pork Ribs, you can only get them locally, so the fragrance may be slightly worse.