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Harbin Style Grilled Sausage

Harbin Style Grilled Sausage


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                 Introduction to Harbin Red Sausage               

        In 1897, withMiddle East RailwayBuilding, many Russians and people from other countries cameHarbin. In 1900,RussiamerchantIvan Yakorevich ThurinCreated in HarbinQiulin foreign co., ltd.. In 1909, with the efforts of a Lithuanian employee, the Qiulin Enema Village was established in Daoli Business Street to produce Lithuanian-style sausages, known as Lithuanian sausages, commonly known as Lidous sausages. The sausage was called red sausage because of its red color. Because Lithuania belonged to Russia at that time, it was called Russian sausage. After the launch of the red sausage, it was praised by the overseas Chinese and also won the love of the locals. It is very popular.

        The red sausage is made of high-quality pork 90%; beef 5%, added with starch and various seasonings, and made through the processes of pickling, filling, filling, roasting, boiling, and smoking.