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Liao Pork Ribs and Bobo Chicken with soup and side dishes (for 2-4 people)

Liao Pork Ribs and Bobo Chicken with soup and side dishes (for 2-4 people)


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" Self introduction "

Hello everyone, I am Boboji. I was born in Leshan, Sichuan, and I was a native of Sichuan, so my personality is inherently spicy and straightforward. Maybe many friends still don't know what bobo chicken is, in fact, I am a member of the hot pot family.

Today, I have been developing in Chengdu with"Made in Chengdu, Made in China"The label is going to the whole country and even the world. If you want to eat authentic Bobo chicken in Europe, you need to look for La Weiju.


" Standard configuration "

Standard configuration of Lamei Jubo chicken:

Boiled chicken, boneless chicken feet, wild bamboo shoots, dried eggs, fresh bean curd, seasoning bag, peanuts

[The picture below is for reference only]


「How to eat」

1: Take a large bowl and use 800ml (actually can be adjusted according to taste) to dissolve the sesame powder bag in cold boiled water, and then add the spicy/tengjiao oil bag.

2: Cook the side dishes except chicken and put them in cold water (hot food is also acceptable, cold food is better)

3. Drain the water and soak it with the chicken in the soup. After mixing the taste evenly, you can eat it. If possible, use an appropriate amount of bamboo skewers to skewer the cold side dishes, and then put them in the soup for dipping.

「Physical display」

              Brief Introduction of Liao Ribs Bowl Chicken         

●Materials: a package of 300 grams chicken thigh meat, 4 chicken feet, wild bamboo shoots, a package of dried eggs, a package of tofu skin, peanuts, a package of chili oil/vine pepper oil, a package of sesame seeds pink

●Preservation method: chilli oil and seasoning powder, dried eggs, wild bamboo shoots, peanuts, preserved at room temperature, and the rest of the ingredients are frozen and preserved

Storage time: half a year

Note: Everyone has received a lot of materials. Don't put them all in the 800ml bowl at one time. Too many things will affect the taste. Bobo chicken has a large amount of seasoning. When you add water, try adding seasoning packets according to your own taste so that it will not be too salty and too light.