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Pork Ribs

Pork Ribs


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Pork Ribs

The delicious collocation method of cured pork ribs

【Lijiang Braised Pork Ribs Hot Pot】
1. Put the pork ribs after the water in the steamer and steam them into 8 mature. Friends who are impatient can also use the pressure cooker.
2. Reserve the prepared ribs and prepare a casserole or stew container. Add a little chicken essence, pepper, and salt to the bottom of the pot. The amount depends on your taste. The owner recommends not to put it.
3. Put the leek root on the first layer of the bottom of the pot. If there is no leek root, you can put some bean sprouts on it. Put tomatoes on the second layer of the bottom of the pot, and some celery on the third layer.
4. Finally, put on the freshly made pork ribs, and add the rib soup,
Chicken broth or boiling water is fine, simmering slowly, a pot of delicious cured pork ribs hot pot is ready. In addition to the stewed hot pot, it can also be steamed and eaten directly, which is also very delicious.

【Steamed Spare Ribs】
It's very simple. Warm water for four hours, wash away the sauce on the surface, steam for half an hour, and it's enough

[Simmered pork ribs and stewed radish]
Soak in warm water for two hours
1. Cut the radish into pieces, and cut the ginger into thick shreds
2. Boil some boiling water, and let the ribs into the water slightly
3. Add appropriate amount of water to the pot, put the ribs and ginger together, cover the pot, and boil for half an hour on high heat
4: Simmer for a good time, start the pot, add some coriander to enhance the color

Storage method:

20°C room temperature unopened, 2 months after production
4-7°C refrigerated unopened, 6 months after production
Frozen at -18°C unopened, 12 months after production