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Kimchi Duck Blood Rice Noodles (1 serving)

Kimchi Duck Blood Rice Noodles (1 serving)


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Authentic Chinese taste

            Introduction to Kimchi Duck Blood Fans             

●Materials: 1 packet of seasoning, 1 packet of peanuts, 1 packet of mustard, 1 packet of vegetables (optional), 1 packet of kimchi duck blood, 1 packet of rice noodles

●Preservation method: Frozen

Storage time: half a year

●Cooking method: 1: Prepare the accessories, parsley, chopped green onion, and boiled vegetables

     2: putduck blood, the soup is hot through  

     3: After the water boils, put therice noodlePut it in and cook for up to 10 minutes, don't cook for too long

     4:rice noodleTake it out, put it in a bowl, add duck blood, soup ingredients, add about 20 grams of soup, and then spread vegetables and peanuts